Hillary, Michelle Obama: Party over country during pandemic crisis

Any day that Hillary Clinton isn’t president is a good day. That has been my personal mantra since Donald Trump surprised the world and defeated the presumed winner. It didn’t seem possible at the time but my disdain for the woman has only grown, not lessened over time since that night in 2016.

Hillary refused to concede the election on election night and selfishly waited until the next day to do so, denying her supporters a chance to see or hear from her until then. She hasn’t gotten any better. Instead of using former first ladies or defeated presidential candidates as examples of how to conduct herself, she decided to continue to criticize Trump as though the campaign was still being waged. She only very briefly left the stage – during her walks in the woods stage of grief – and since then has traveled domestically and abroad giving interviews and delivering speeches. At every opportunity, she personally attacks President Trump. Interviewers are delighted and Hillary gets some headlines.

So, how is Hillary handling her time in lockdown due to the coronavirus? I assume she’s in lockdown mode, given her age and medical history. She is posting on Twitter in a very political way and retweeting critical tweets from others aimed at Trump or his administration.

The latest attack came Friday over ventilators in New York.

Funny, Gov. Cuomo just so happened to find a whole stockpile of them, he said, yet no mention of that from good old Hill. Before that tweet, Hillary Clinton celebrated the rise of COVID-19 cases.

She is truly hideous, isn’t she? And she told Trump to do his job.

Hillary has been retweeting get out the vote tweets and has even done so for one of Michelle Obama’s political tweets.

Couch parties – a music and voter registration drive all wrapped up together and promoted by Michelle Obama. You may remember Mrs. Obama’s involvement in When We All Vote. She recruited her celebrity friends in the music and entertainment industry to do rallies with her to encourage young people to register to vote.

There is precious little in the way of encouraging those who find themselves ill or coping with isolation while sheltered at home. There isn’t even anything about what Hillary is doing to help others, though I did see something about pizza donations to hospital workers. I’m sure that the food is appreciated but it seems like the very least she can do, especially given her platform and connections, not to mention her personal wealth.

The same is true for Michelle Obama. She doesn’t tweet much but she mostly promotes her celebrity friends and Netflix – a company in which she has a financial stake. Besides the call for voter registration, she does have a tweet about Yo-Yo Ma playing a little concert on YouTube. So, there’s that. Dj D-Nice is helping his friend Michelle. A couple of old woke geezers running for president stopped by in past virtual events.

“As the country’s reality continues to change in the wake of the coronavirus’ ongoing impact on individuals and communities, When We All Vote is committed to exploring innovative and safe ways to reach voters where they are — at home,” the group said in a statement.

DJ D-Nice launched his “Homeschool at Club Quarantine” dance parties on Instagram Live last week to encourage social distancing during the pandemic. The virtual events have attracted hundreds of thousands of people and plenty of public figures, including Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez and 2020 White House hopefuls former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), along with Obama.

The celebrity DJ’s connection to the Obamas goes back to at least 2016, when he served up music at a White House party hosted by then-President Obama and his wife.

I will mention there is absolutely nothing from Laura Bush. She rarely uses her Twitter account. This, however, would be a good time to do it.

It just seems to me that given the reach of their audiences, the former first ladies could be doing something more productive. Shouldn’t they be calling upon people available and able to do volunteer work with agencies feeding people, for instance? I’ve seen calls for volunteers locally to come help at food banks or kitchens that feed people struggling now out of work. And, there is a need for blood. How about they ask people to donate blood in their local communities to help out the medical professionals? Or, they could just ask people to check on elderly neighbors who may live alone and need food or medicine picked up. Are voter registration drives and personal attacks on the president really the best messages to focus on right now?

I understand that the Democrats are in a panic. Trump’s approval ratings are up, not down. Anti-Trumpers and Never Trumpers literally wished for a recession not so long ago in order to deny Trump’s re-election. Now they openly spout Chinese propaganda by calling out how Trump and others refer to the coronavirus as racist and xenophobic. Hillary Clinton criticizes his leadership abilities during a pandemic, though even many of his usual critics note that Trump has now risen to the occasion.

You know how Never Trumpers like to puff themselves up and say they are “country over party”? Well, this is the opposite of how these two first ladies and their supporters act now that the country is in crisis. Hillary continues to show she is not up to the task of serving all Americans, just those who have the same animus against Trump as she does.

I’ll end with what the current first lady is tweeting today.

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