How The Tea Party Introduced Freedom To The GOP

It is impossible to overstate the profound effect the million or so (always in debate thanks to the main-stream media) people who stopped their everyday lives and traveled  to DC in protest of a President who had just shown the country that he and his administration could no longer be trusted.

Standing in front of the Washington Capital, I somehow knew that September 20, 2009 would not only change the direction of this country forever but it would start the wave of freedom that would culminate in the speeches of conservative party hopefuls and provide the touchstone the GOP platform so desperately needed.

Every American that filled the Tampa Times Forum for the GOP Convention from the delegates to the escalator volunteers to Ann Romney and Ted Cruz felt the effects of the then unnamed activists who felt it was their duty to speak up with their actions for a country that they knew had to be saved.

It is to those people I want to take a minute and say thanks and introduce again all the DC activists, all the meet-up groups, Freedom Works, Heritage Foundation staff and followers and conservative bloggers who came to life after the Tax Payer March. – DSMW