Illiberal Feminism Is Running Amok

Screenshot 2015-05-13 09.36.34Illiberal feminists have decided the best way to win is by demonizing and silencing opponents, rather than making a better argument.
When men disagree with illiberal feminists, a favored silencing tactic is to accuse them of “mansplaining.” The term grew out of a fairly brilliant 2008 essay by feminist writer Rebecca Solnit, who described the exquisitely annoying feeling of having a certain type of man condescendingly lecture a woman on a topic about which he knows very little—in this case Solnit’s own book. This is certainly a phenomenon I and millions of other women have experienced, and it can be maddening. But the illiberal feminists have forged the notion of “mansplaining” into a weapon to silence any man who expresses an opinion at odds with feminist orthodoxy.Do you agree with TDB?