Independence and Tyranny

Programming note: Today Tuesday, I’ll be on your telly screens for a full hour, live across America on Fox News Primetime at 7pm Eastern. Hope you’ll tune in.

On Monday’s Fox News Primetime, we began with my thoughts on Independence Day and the Declaration – via Columbia, Uncle Sam and the totally scientific finding that firecrackers are more racist than crackers: If Fox posts that, we’ll link to it.

Following a burst of “God Bless the USA” from the Lt. Dan Band, I welcomed Lieutenant Dan himself – the one and only Gary Sinise, whose foundation to help America’s veterans is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Gary talked about the constant need to protect independence from tyranny. Click below to watch:

It was a holiday bloodbath this weekend in Chicago, with a one-month-old baby and a nine-year-old girl among those fighting for their lives in hospital. Tio Hardiman and Tammy Bruce pondered the sickness and the shame of communities so desensitized to the slaughter of innocents they shrug it off every Monday morning as easily as the weekend movie grosses:

Also on the show were James (Snerdley) Golden, Miranda Devine and Tyrus: we’ll link to any of those segments if Fox posts them.

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I’ll be back tonight for more Fox News Primetime, and, just ahead of that, Laura’s Links will be rounding up the Internet for you, right here at SteynOnline.

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