Iran To Get $50 Billion Signing Bonus For Bogus Agreement

khameini-laughing-620x405That is correct. Without lifting a finger, as soon as Iran signs a deal — a deal with they are interpreting much differently than our own national security nimrods — they get access to frozen assets. What could possibly go wrong.

Perhaps what we’re seeing is the rather gawky, frustrated athlete Obama fancying himself a major league owner paying a top prospect to sign a contract. Perhaps we’re seeing corn-pone-Machiavellian Obama convinced that giving Iran a nuke and $50 billion will make it a Stalinist paradise (I would say Jeffersonian but there is no evidence that Obama is big on democracy of any kind) and a firm US ally. Perhaps we’re seeing a cowardly goober Obama trying to kick this problem into the next administration. Whatever the genesis, the outcome will be the same Iran gets a $50 billion payment for doing nothing… they don’t even have to renounce terrorism.

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