Is Allah Afraid Of South Park?

There is now talk that Viacom may have been the target of Saturday’s failed car bombing in Times Square. Viacom is the parent network of the often crude, but socially relevant show South Park. The show revels in critiquing society as a whole, pointing out that we are all hypocrites in some way or another. Religion has been an easy and favorite target for them.

The show recently poked the bear again by doing a second episode featuring a characterization of Mohammed. This time an Islamic group issued a call for attacks, on YouTube, against the shows creators. On the surface it is funny, because it seems like radical Muslims really hate cartoons and cartoonists; just ask Kurt Westergaard.

But in reality we know what this is. It has been framed, labeled and sold as a religious war in order to incite and divide. Religious it is not; God does not car bomb. It is a cultural war. So we have been asking the wrong questions.

The question that isn’t being asked… What has Islamic culture done for the world in the last 500-700 years? Seriously. How many people in the world do Muslim states feed with their food exports? What was the last medical breakthrough an Islamic state gave to the world? Can you name any Islamic export, concept or invention that has made this world a better place?

Islamic civilizations were some of the first states on the planet. They were the most advanced in the fields of mathematics, science and medicine. But then, suddenly, their contribution to the world stopped. They should have been the culturally dominant society. Why? How does the most advanced culture become the most backward culture? Why haven’t they been able to rebuild a society of hope and prosperity?

Oil and the West’s “meddling” in Arab affairs can only explain away so much in the failure of the Islamic state. The inability to let go of the past probably plays a role as well. But the most glaring obstacle facing the Islamic state today is self realization.

Radical Muslims are so contemptuous of the West because they see our way of life as an indictment of their failed culture. And when it comes right down to it, they are right. They have failed. They have failed to honor their past, take care of their people and advance their civilization. Epic fail. Blaming the successful Great Satan is far easier than acknowledging their own responsibility for their situation.

So they hide behind religion saying things like: “You have offended Allah!” Give me a break. If your God or my God is thin skinned and petty enough to be offended by South Park, crude as they can be, then God is not as omnipotent, omniscient and omniawesome as we have been taught to believe. Allah is neither afraid of or insulted by South Park; only people are.

The DSMW Lbertarian