Is It a Muslim, Saudi or Fundamentalist Problem?

Blowhards are easy targets; thank you Bill O’Reilly. But sometimes what they say rings true. Dylan Ratigan had his say on Morning Joe. Does it ring true with you?

We at DSMW have railed against Islamist and Muslim extremism. We can get caught up in it. Let us clarify our position. The only thing we are anti is ignorance that cloaks itself behind faith. It goes by the name of fundamentalism. Arguably, because of poverty, culture and regime, there are many uneducated or undereducated and under informed people in the Islamic world than there are other places.

Now we do have many questions about Muslim countries. Why are they in the predicament they are in today, considering that they had thriving advanced civilizations while Europeans were living in caves? Why are most Islamic countries governed by religion? There certainly is a correlation between the loosening of the Catholic church’s grip and the birth of the Renaissance. We could go on. Suffice it to say, fundamentalism would deprive us all of what we take for granted: medical breakthroughs, great television and (precious) iPhones. 

So we take a small step back. We are willing to listen to why we do not have a Muslim problem.