Is It Breaking Dawn, Wag The Dog Or Something More Serious. I Can’t Tell

On Thursday, CNN aired a report that included video snippets of casualties being dragged off the streets in areas held by the Palestinians. But Warner Todd Huston reported Friday at that one of the casualties in the CNN video was fake.

“Worse,” Huston wrote, “this particular faux victim video is a well-known fake.”

“Breitbart News already posted about this ‘Pallywood’ theatrical extravaganza,” he added.

On Thursday, Breitbart reported that “the locals are hard at work playing the victim for the world’s press.” Joe Newby – The Examiner – Click To Read More…

Whether it’s Breaking Dawn – Part 2 or CNN staging fake casualties for a very serious Israeli war, the American public in in for a serious Wag The Dog moment.”

In a country that is increasing unable to tell fantasy from reality ( and believe me I have zero problem with this ) the most hit on part of the print media this year was the Fact Checkers. The 2012 election could not have survived without this handy tool, although, I have to admit, at times I felt the Fact Checkers were out of touch with reality.

Yesterday I had a surreal moment when the local Dj for the radio station here in Louisville  Terry Minor started talking about who was going to play Petraeus in the movie Obama is going to put out sometime next year. ( A subject we had been tweeting about all morning. ) His conclusion was of course Daniel Craig.