Is Larry Summers a myopic jerk?

The Social Network, the dramatic myth / story of the founding of Facebook, is rife with characters that are self absorbed, arrogant and so socially inept at times you not only want to cringe, but you wonder how they function at all. Much has been made of the very Asperger tinged portrayal Mark Zuckerberg. From various anecdotes circling the web, he very well may fall within the spectrum. So he gets a little bit of pass. 

Larry Summers, however, is painted as a sophisticated snarky buffoon. As the president of Harvard, he had no time for the serious concerns of his students. He chides, belittles and demeans them; scoffing that their website could be worth millions. The man showed no civility, nor foresight. 

True or not, many are glad that Harvard has him back.