Is Libya Bad For Marriage? Top Three Players Fall From Grace. Hilliary Leaving.

The news cycle is becoming crazy when in the last two months Libya and the middle east is rioting and killing Americans over a Islamist movie trailer featuring Muhammad fooling around with who knows what. The producer/ directer is immediately scooped up and put in an American jail somewhere vague on charges of what? Inciting the muslim nations? (Remind me again where this guy is and for how long?)

Then if this is not enough, Christopher Kubasik long time CEO of Lockheed Martin, largest defense contractor in the world and supplier to Libya, suddenly steps down, failed by a sketchy affair with a co-worker the very same day as, you guessed it, head CIA Director David Petraeus. Petraeus, who also knows a thing or two about Libya and especially Benghazi turned in his time sheet to the Prez over an affair with his biographer Paula Bradwell. ( A spokesman for the Obama administration later commented the president did not like messy affairs.

But wait! There’s more! The U. S. Commander in Afghanistan John Allen, Col Petraeus replacement, also involved in the investigation into Benghazi Libya, is ratted out by a shirtless FBI informant, literally getting it off his chest, telling the rest of the FBI community of Allen’s girl “friend” Jill Kelly  who is sending Allen 20-30 thousand described sex emails over a unknown time period. ( Guess Obama’s feelings don’t apply to boat loads of emails… He’s standing behinding his man)

Is this reality TV run amok or something more sinister? We certainly can’t ask Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who’s in Australia; about as far away as you can get. And anyway, she is suddenly retiring her post asap to be replaced with Obama’s personal pick, Ambassador Susan Rice. Rice has shown on recent Sunday TV she is all over the subject of terrorism, movies and  Benghazi so the public can rest assured at the end of the day, Benghazi and the subject of Libya will be throughly looked into.

With all this going on, where is Steven Spielberg when you have a really good script! One thing I am sure of, the American people will have a good clear understanding of what happened in Libya not to mention the 9/11 Benghazi attacks when the investigations starts today. – DSMW