Is The Iran Deal ‘Liberal’?

Screenshot 2015-07-17 11.24.34Yes, it’s great to shift the paradigm from war-making to deal-making. But there are questions that shouldn’t be left to neocon demagogues.
So, Senator Chris Coons, what do you think of the Iran deal?

There’s a pause. I have spoken a few times in recent weeks to the Delaware Democratic senator, because a) he is deeply immersed in the details of this negotiation and b) he’s coming from what seems to me roughly the right place here: He wants to support his president and he wants to see diplomacy succeed, but he doesn’t trust Iran and he wants a deal that has a chance of actually working. He’s thoughtful and smart and not a demagogue, and his ultimate support (or not) of the thing really will hang on the details and what he concludes about them.

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