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Japan’s asylum laws


As the world’s refugee problem grows, Japan pulls up the drawbridge



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AROUND 9m people have fled their homes in Syria. Over 3m have taken refuge in neighbouring countries. But thousands more have fanned out across the world, some to as far away as Japan. There, they have found the drawbridge up. The world’s third-largest economy has yet to grant asylum to a single Syrian.
The treatment meted out to Syrians is consistent with Japan’s stingy record on sheltering people fleeing conflicts of all kinds. In the decade to 2013, the country gave asylum to just over 300 refugees. In 2014, the number fell to 11.

These figures are all the more remarkable considering that the number of stateless people is growing, and that many are knocking on Japan’s door. Last year, the number of refugees, …<div class="og_rss_groups"></div>