Jeb Bush Speaks Out on Immigration

 Republicans need to fight for their ideals—against “the general idea that you solve problems by mandating, regulating and taxing,” and for “trusting the interaction of free people to pursue their dreams.” When I ask him for specifics, he says that the Republican House should pass a budget “that’s real, that rolls back discretionary spending at a minimum to the 2008 level, and that begins the process of challenging the general size and scope of the government.”

Then he points to Congressional oversight of the regulatory process. Congress has abdicated its constitutional duty to oversee “the executive branch’s execution of law,” he says. Instead, it has gone about “just reauthorizing laws without looking at the costs and benefits,” especially with regard to environmental regulation. “I think we should sunset every law and do a review of the rules.”

Jeb Bush, two term Governor and much beloved by the people of Florida. He speaks out on the Country’s approach to immigration. Married to a Mexican native and fluent in spanish, he successfully governed a heavily hispanic state.