Jihadist Looking For Work

“Those who seek to alienate Shariah from governance so America can be content will spread among you usury, adultery, insobriety, moral dissolution, familial schisms, and all kinds and forms of crimes,” comments found in recent missive from Ayman al-Zawahiri considered second in command to Osama bin Laden and still at large.

Zawahiri is a 59 year old Egyptian doctor who has been an Islamic insurgent since the age of 15. He is believed to be bin Laden’s muse and chief ideologue for the al Qaeda movement and their chief operational leader since the group was founded in 1988. Mr. Zawahiri, in recent correspondence, indicates he is struggling with the emerging reality of the middle east and its place for jihadism. He is pleased with Mubarak’s departure but ridiculed the Arab spring. With bin Laden’s death he becomes the boss.