Jill Kelley on Petraeus SexJet?

Jill Kelley, Holly Petraeus and Natalie Khawam

Things must be pretty awful in several households, here in Tampa, Charlotte and Washington D.C. We feel for Petraeus wife Holly. Mrs. Petraeus is the true victim in this whole sordid mess, though inviolable honorary Consul General Jill Kelley would have you believe otherwise.

As this sticky web continues to unravel, with its revelations of shirtless FBI agents, another general, a fraudulent cancer charity and “psychollogically unstable” identical twin sister, Natalie Khawan, it is possible things could get even crazier.

Yet, we’re left with a couple questions from yesterday’s article regarding the $40 Million Gulfstreams that the generals are carted around in. 

First and foremost, officially, why was Paula Broadwell on Petraeus’ plane in the first place. If it was for research for her book lionizing The General, is that something taxpayers should have to fund?

How many times did the government shuttle Paula Broadwell to and fro?

Since socialite Jill Kelley splits her time between Tampa and Washington D.C., it is not wild speculation to wonder if she, too, was aboard the Petraeus love shack in the sky. If so, how many time was she flown, gratis, to her other home?

And last, but not least, on how many flights has Holly Petraeus accompanied her husband compared to the number of flights he has given to past, current and future mistresses?