Jobs: Obama “headed for a one-term presidency”

You may have noticed the lightness of content and the Jobsian focus we have had for the last couple of weeks. We apologize for the former. As for the latter….

On the eve of the release of Walther Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography, juicy tidbits are leaking from every sector. Today CBS News posted an article that Mr. Jobs was furious with President Obama’s excuses and business unfriendly policies: 

Jobs told Isaacson he was not impressed with the president after their meeting, in part because of Mr. Obama’s focus on what is not possible, rather than what is possible.

“The president is very smart. But he kept explaining to us reasons why things can’t get done,” Jobs told Isaacson. “It infuriates me.”

The tenor of Steve’s comments and his summation of the President ring so very true.