Kansas coach Bill Self takes responsibility for brawl, blames administration for Snoop Dogg fiasco

Over the last couple of months, Kansas basketball coach Bill Self has defended his program’s off-the-court issues, which include a notice of allegations from the NCAA and backlash from rapper Snoop Dogg’s performance to open the season.

However, Tuesday’s brawl that broke out at the end of the Kansas-Kansas State game caused the Jayhawks coach to place the blame squarely on himself and his staff, as well as the players involved. He levied suspensions of his own in addition to those handed down by the Big 12 and called the situation an “embarrassment.” 

On Saturday’s “College GameDay,” Self used the brawl to draw a distinction between what his players were at fault for, and what the Kansas administration should be held responsible for.

“Obviously, up until this point, the most recent thing that brought attention was Snoop Dogg here. I’m personally a fan (of his),” Self said during an on-court interview at Allen Fieldhouse.

“But the things that transpired during his show, that many, including me, perceived to be not appropriate for a family event, I don’t believe was Snoop Dogg’s fault. I don’t believe that was his responsibility. I believe that was something that was arranged by our administration that we thought would maybe be handled a little differently, and it wasn’t.” 

Kansas drew criticism for allowing Snoop Dogg — performing at October’s kickoff event “Late Night in the Phog” — to include explicit lyrics and dancers who used poles during his show. Athletic director Jeff Long issued an apology and took responsibility for not vetting the details of the performance. 

“Our players didn’t have anything to do with that,” Self said. “Our players did have something to do with (the brawl) the other day. That’s a negative cloud. I, my staff, hold responsibility of that cloud.”

GameDay host Rece Davis asked Self how he planned to remove “the cloud.” 

“I don’t know that it is something that happens overnight,” Self said. ” … Hopefully, with the completion of the investigation, I hope that could play a role in that. It may not. We’ll just have to wait and see.” 

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