Lab Leaks and Twitter Files

Monday’s Mark Steyn Show featured Patrick Christys in the hosting chair. Patrick started the programme with his thoughts on the chaos of the United Kingdom’s asylum system before talking about the great gaslighting with Stoke-on-Trent North member of parliament Jonathan Gullis. Patrick then claimed vindication for the Wuhan lab leak theory with Dominique Samuels and celebrated Elon Musk’s unleashing of the Twitter Files with Eva Vlaardingerbroek. Patrick rounded out the show by talking about the Labour party’s war on the House of Lords with Viscount Monckton.

All that plus your comments live as it happens. Click below to view the full show:

Eva Vlaardingerbroek will be among Mark’s special guests on the upcoming Mark Steyn Cruise down the Adriatic. We set sail from Trieste July 7 and call on ports in Croatia, Montenegro, and Greece. We will pass by the Albanian coast but have been advised not to stop there lest all the Albanians hop aboard to sail to the UK. You can reserve your cabin here.

If you’ve missed a Mark Steyn Show in recent weeks or recent years, you can find all our shows from the year to date and many highlights from the archives in a handy Netflix-style tile format here. Make the most of them while you can because, as Mark has mentioned on air, OffComm has now opened a third investigation against him. Only two are active, because they’ve given up on the first one.

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