Ladies and Gentlemen Meet Mitch Daniels Our Next President

DSMW has been talking about what Mitch Daniels has been doing for Indiana for two years. The residents of the Hoosier State love him. He has made some tough decisions for Indianians but the end game has been right on. He has emerged with high marks from a state that was awash in red ink. He turned an inherited $600 million deficit into a $370 million surplus his second year in office. He has turned the Indiana’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles, everyones nightmare, into a 10 minute experience.  Daniels has a history steeped in experience. 

Daniels is a lawyer by training, he was a political adviser to President Reagan, ran the conservative Hudson Institute think tank, became an executive at drug company Eli Lilly & Co. and returned to government in 2001 as White House director of management and budget under President Bush.

What Mitch Daniels has done for Indiana he can do for this country. We are ready. Bring it on.

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