Lesbian activist: I’m coming out — of the “insane progressive Left”

Meet Arielle Scarcella, a blue-checked Twitter and YouTube activist for lesbian issues, which normally would put her square in the middle of the modern progressive Left. Or at least that might have been true a few years ago, but Scarcella declared this weekend that she’s had enough of the insanity on her side of the political spectrum. “The LGBT community has become a safe haven for the mentally unstable,” Scarcella declares in a short manifesto that fair-use excerpts quite can’t capture (via Twitchy):

The full video captures the final 35 seconds of Scarcella’s declaration:

[embedded content]

“Some of you have noticed this change coming onto my channel over the past two years,” Scarcella says, “as I’ve gotten what some people would say more conservative.” She then pauses and adds, “And yeah, I have, haven’t I?” Scarcella doesn’t declare herself as a conservative per se, but she does appear delighted with her new conservative followers on Twitter. She also discovered that speaking out isn’t necessarily as fraught as it first seems:

That’s usually the main quality in bullies, so yeah, probably. It’s still somewhat amazing, because Scarcella skewers a lot of the progressive Left’s sacred cows of the moment. She revolts against their extreme views on:

  • “cis” men
  • the “transphobic” nature of “genital preferences” (ie, sexual orientation)
  • gender as a “social construct … or that there are 97 genders”
  • accusations of bigotry for any dissent
  • the “ridiculously woke cult”
  • “children drag queens,” and demanding approval when they “perform sexually for adults”

By golly, Arielle does sound conservative! These days, anyway. Just a few years ago, all of the above wouldn’t have been classified as conservative; it would have been called common sense.

“I don’t think like these people,” Scarcella declares, “and I no longer want to be associated with them.” Welcome to the club.

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