Letter to a future Republican strategist regarding white people

Wow. Just , wow. Sometimes you need someone far more articulate to adequetely express the feelings you have.

We’ve all read the finger pointing as to who was responsible for losing the election for Republicans. It’s everywhere. But if you want to read the single greatest summation, then go read Eric Garland’s fantastic Letter to a future Republican strategist regarding white people 

Here is but just a small sample:

We are really quite unimpressed with Congressional representatives such as Todd Akin and Paul Broun who actually serve on the House science committee and who believe, respectively, that rape does not cause pregnancy and that evolution and astrophysics are lies straight from Satan’s butt cheeks. These are, sadly, only two of innumerable assaults that the Republican Party has made against hard science – with nothing to say of logic in general. 

Anyone that isn’t blinded by extremism and dogma should take time to read this.

Thank you Mr. Garland.

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