Lies, Liars, and the Art of Lying

Desfile_Uni--o_da_Ilha_2014_906213-1-1024x330Whose lies matter most this election year?

Just when you think Campaign 2016 has reached its nadir.…

Voters face from the frontrunners a contest that will likely turn in large measure on which candidate’s lies should be thought more reprehensible, and hence be more fully penalized at the ballot box.

Do we condemn Trump’s clumsy schoolboy lies about how he feels about Gov. Susanna Martinez more than Hillary’s as to her exploding email mess? Of the latter we may savor Peggy Noonan’s delicious adjective, “creamy”: “I hate to say lied, but she has lied coolly and — in a creamy, practiced way. It doesn’t look good.” And if Trump thinks a Mexican-American judge is biased against him, is it OK for Hillary to publicly juxtapose Trump’s German heritage with “dictator”?

Do we condemn Trump’s bait-and-switch Trump University scheme (which is in litigation) more than the “Clinton Cash” megabucks money-laundering operation? And what of the Clintons’ involvement (Bill was Chancellor, no less) in the Laureate University hustle, an 800,000-student, $4 billion global education scheme?

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