Live Around the Planet: Friday January 27th

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time for another Clubland Q&A live around the planet. This week, Mark’s regular guest host, Andrew Lawton, was scheduled to sit in, but unfortunately, he is under the weather. We suspect that he overindulged on cricket burgers and boosters at the WEF confab last week. As a result, the guest host to the guest host, Laura Rosen Cohen, will once again be filling in, and thus, the Zionist occupayyshun of Steyn HQ will continue for another week. The action begins at 3pm North American Eastern time/8pm GMT.

Laura will be taking your questions on any topic you wish to discuss, like the Project Veritas Pfizer bombshell, Holocaust Memorial Day, the increasingly sharp knives poking out at Joe Biden or whatever other topics strike your fancy.

Anyone can listen to the programme but only Mark Steyn Club members can ask questions. We love to hear from brand new members, so if you’ve joined this week, either for a full year or a see-how-it-goes experimental quarter, do shoot over a head-scratcher for today’s show. But, if you’re not interested in joining, no worries, as they say in Oz: We seek no unwilling members – and as always the show is free to listen to, so we hope you’ll want to tune in.

As soon as we go live, members should log-in and submit their queries via our comment form below – and Laura will answer them as-it-happens on the audio livestream that should magically appear above (or possibly below). And, if you disagree with Laura, you can let it rip in the comments, and we’ll address your objections as time permits as we go along.

Clubland Q&A is a special production for The Mark Steyn Club. We’re not paywalling off SteynOnline or any of that nonsense – and in fact this site now offers more free content than ever before in our twenty-year history. But Club membership does confer a few benefits, including not only participation in our Q&As but also access to Tales for Our Time, our Sunday Poems and much more.

So see you back here live this afternoon at 3pm North American Eastern Time. That’s 4pm in the Canadian Maritimes, half-past-four in Newfoundland – and, beyond the Americas, 8pm in London and Dublin; 9pm in Paris and Berlin; 10pm in Kiev and Moscow, now in the same time zone if not the same country; half-past-eleven in Tehran, for all you Newfoundlanders who move to Iran for the half-hour time zone; midnight-forty-five in Kathmandu, for all you Iranians who move to Nepal to check out the quarter-hour time zone; 3am in Singapore, 6am in Sydney, 8am in Auckland, and an even more convivial hour for the kippers and kedgeree in His Majesty’s Dominions across the Pacific.

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