Live Around the Planet: Friday November 15th

Today, Friday, I’ll be conducting another edition of our Clubland Q&A, live around the world at 4pm Eastern in North America – that’s 9pm Greenwich Mean Time. We’ll try to pin down the rest of the time zones below, but do, as they say, check local listings.

On today’s rundown, I’m happy to take questions on the topics I’ve been chewing over in recent days, plus a few we haven’t yet addressed – including the firing on Remembrance Day of Don Cherry from Hockey Night in Canada.

We’ll also address the state of the Democrats’ impeachment theatre after the bow-tied squib of its star witnesses – and CNN’s bizarre attempt to shanghai Kellyanne Conway into attacking her husband, MSNBC commentator Mr Kellyanne Conway. What a pitiful state Wolf Blitzer has been reduced to. No wonder he’s working airport gates. Click below to watch:

I returned later on last night’s “Tucker” with a word on the President’s rally in the somewhat alarmingly named metropolis of Bossier City, which sounds like it’s between Hectoringville and Doasyouretoldopolis. You can see that segment here:

“The president, actually, in this circumstance is standing there and saying ‘Go, bring it on’ — ‘Even if you did that I’d still run next November and I’d win next November’,” Steyn said in reference to the inquiry. “He’s inspirational to a faint-hearted Republican Party. This is the way to do it. This is why people voted for him — because your base wants a candidate that pushes back.”

Judging from cable ratings and other metrics, impeachment is energizing Republicans, not Democrats. Be that as it may, as today’s Q&A proceeds, we’ll open it up to other subjects, so feel free to fire away with whatever’s on your mind.

Incidentally, Brian Kilmeade asked me about Kellyanne and her husband earlier this year. You can hear that exchange about 19 minutes in here.

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