Losing The Middle East

Benny Morris’ take on the middle east is perhaps the most pragmatic overview on where this trainwreck is headed. His comments come as no surprise given the facts these countries are no friend of Israel and the Unites States. I think his point of only seeing it through the filter of an Israel vs. Palestine struggle is especially relevant.

Prediction is always risky or plain silly, but my guess is that when the dust settles, which it will, in a month or two or three’s time, one will see that Western—and Israeli—interests in the Middle East will have been substantially undermined and anti-Western—and anti-Israeli—interests substantially bolstered. Similarly, one will see that the regimes which are, by nature and tradition very brutal, such as Iran’s, Syria’s and possibly Libya’s, will weather the storm whereas those which are softer, more inclined to measures of liberalisation, partly because of attentiveness to messages from Washington, will either have fallen or will have given ground, and a large measure of power, to anti-Western, often Islamist, elements within each country.