Mark Cuban: Blowhard Billionaire Bully

Everybody’s favorite loudmouth basketball owner and soon to be soft core pornographer has a plan for Wall Street. He’d put a 25 cent on every share of stock traded. Sounds simple enough. It will solve everything, right? Just how brazen is Mr Cuban?

“If you are a day trader, you are going to have to be right more often or actually hold on to stocks for a longer period of time. That’s ok. I know it will be rough on some of you that make a living this way. But in reality, you don’t add anything to the markets.”

The funny thing is his plan doesn’t effect him. He summarily dismisses shorter term investors. How about a tax for idiots that can’t stop themselves from blogging? Oh, wait a minute….

How will Cuban be affected by this tax? Not at all really. He doesn’t really invest in the market, he buys things outright or invests privately. He doesn’t share the same concerns of us mere mortals.

Cuban made his money by being in the right place at the right time with a mediocre product at best and hoodwinked Yahoo into buying for $5.9B. One can argue that Yahoo has floundered because of just such foolhardy purchases. He is an opportunist.

Give little credence to Cuban. He is as visionary as he is classy and leads as well a drunk sailor at the head of a conga line. His Dallas Mavericks have perennially fallen short of expectations, much like his HDNet television channel. Now that he is in bed with Girls Gone Wild & Joey Francis, he has revealed himself as just your average guy who is interested in sports and porn.

He may be cavalier with his reactionary and pedestrian opinions, but he is no maverick. He is just plain boring.