Mark Levin EXPOSES ‘evil and totalitarian’ ploy to pack Supreme Court with leftists

Last week, CNN ran a series of “exclusive” stories that revealed the Supreme Court’s private deliberations over President Donald Trump’s taxes. But how did CNN reporter Joan Biskupic get a hold of such sensitive information?

On the latest episode of “LevinTV,” BlazeTV host Mark Levin argued that Chief Justice John Roberts is likely the leaker.

“The chief justice of the United States … is enormously political, and I believe he is a leaker,” Levin stated. “If there’s leaking going on, and there clearly is, one justice against another, it is a huge problem.”

Levin referenced a Newsweek article written by Josh Blackman, South Texas College of Law professor and author of “An Introduction to Constitutional Law: 100 Supreme Court Cases Everyone Should Know.” In his article, Blackman asserts that “the Supreme Court has turned into a sieve” and, worse, the leaks appear to be specifically designed to advance politically-motivated narratives. He then lists five steps Chief Justice Roberts can (but likely won’t) take to bring the Court back in order.

“We’re seeing a complete breakdown of a civil society and a constitutional system,” Levin said. “This week, the Democrats have threatened to expand the number of justices on the Supreme Court and pack it with leftists. This is how evil and totalitarian the Democrats are right now. They’re prepared to burn down, not just cities, but burn down the whole damn country.”

Watch the video below:

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