Mass Murders Along U.S.- Mexico Border

Eight months ago 72 immigrants in San Fernando Mexico were found murdered and buried on a remote ranch. Last week another 88 immigrants were found massacred in the same area buried in a mass grave. Along the northern Mexico-U.S. border this story has become the norm in an area where drug trafficking, extortion and kidnapping for ransom are commonplace.

Immigrants from Honduras, Brazil and Guatemala, hoping to cross over to the U.S., are murdered or kidnapped. Bus service has been suspended in the San Fernando and Tamaulipas area of northern Mexico and bullet riddled bodies lay along the roadways. The residents of these border towns have given up.

“What did I feel when I heard? The truth is it made me happy. Finally those whose loved ones who disappeared knew that they were dead. They’ll bury them and in 24 hours will get over it.” Rosa Maria Lozzano de Anda an art teacher in San Ferando.