Medicare, Obama and George Orwell

 There been little scrutiny of President Obama’s new Medicare proposal. Anyone worrying about more individual choice and responsibility in health care might be interested to learn that the alternative is turning every one of these decisions over to a 15-member central committee. 

Obama’s plan is to give a lot more political power to an unelected board to make decisions and to allocate resources instead of the markets. The “Independent Payment Advisory Board” will be appointed by Obama in 2012 to six-year terms. Obama’s panel of 15 experts will be chosen from the medical and educational fields and will start their official duties to” allocate” services and hold Medicare spending to certain limits. – DSMW

Orwellian” describes the situation, idea, or societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free society. It connotes an attitude and a policy of control by propaganda, surveillance, misinformation, denial of truth, and manipulation of the past, including the “unperson” — a person whose past existence is expunged from the public record and memory, practiced by modern repressive governments – Wikipedia