Memorial Day – We’re Kind Of A Big Deal

Over the weekend we read about a breast cancer vaccine. Good stuff, right? Breast cancer touches so many people’s lives. It’s nice to see significant strides being made in it’s prevention. It makes us feel happy and hopeful for women worldwide and it especially makes us proud that American researchers are hard at work for humanity’s better half ;).

How fitting that we learned of this vaccine on a day honoring those that gave their lives in service to and in defense of our way life; the very way of live that has made such progress possible. It is quite humbling what their sacrifice has given us and, in turn, the world.

What other people have done as much for their fellow humans, than Americans?

Stop and think about it. What other country has given more to the world and asked for less in return than the United States? We grow most of the world’s food. Of all the countries on the planet, we give the most aid. We have invented, developed and enabled technology that has improved human existence the world over. 

It’s not been pretty at times. We have not always been as considerate, sensitive or modest as we could be. In this era when patriotism is equated with jingoism, it is easy to think of Memorial Day as the Monday on which we get to sleep in rather of a day of rememberance and pride. 

It’s time to wake up. It’s time to reassert our place in the world. It’s time to lead. It’s time to be proud again.