Mitch Daniels And The Religious Right

There is a deep longing in large segments of the American populace for a restoration of a morality that emphasizes personal obligations and responsibilities over rights and privileges. Such a society will have a restored moral symmetry in which exemplary personal and professional behavior is rewarded and less exemplary behavior is not.  Richard Land – President Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission 

Richard Land’s sterling article opens addressing Mitch Daniel’s recent statement calling on “Americans to call a ‘truce’ on divisive social issues until our precarious financial house is back in order.”  Like Ronald Reagan before him, George Bush realized early on in his campagain that financial and social issues are inseparable. Both men worked hand and glove with the religious right to win the support of the American people and ultimately the White House.

For Governor Daniels to feel he must abandon strong feelings on divisive social issues to accomplish a singular goal is to turn his back on the energy and purpose that is the bedrock of this country. Daniels has accomplished much in Indiana and must realize that perhaps he is seeing only part of the picture. Political discourse, however circuitous and time consuming and uncomfortable it becomes, is  necessary for the outcome we as a country expect. Mr. Land continues:

 “Calling for a truce on core conservative principles might get you some high profile media sound bites, but it won’t win you the Republican presidential nomination.”