Mitt Romney’s Speech At The Clinton Global Initiative

Romney’s speech was full of references to “free enterprise” and how American foreign aid can be channeled in a way to create long-lasting and job-creating companies, rather than by throwing good money after bad and creating only a temporary boost.  The Republican presidential-hopeful repeatedly spoke of what a “Romney Administration” would do in the global arena, opening up trade following Reagan-like policies.

He did not mention President Obama, but did say the U.S. must never apologize in the global stage.  Furthermore, he blasted Iran’s Ahmadinejad, without making a direct reference to him, indicating his support for Iran.  While the speech was relatively short and not necessarily full of substance, it clearly spelled out Romney economic concepts from a global perspective: free trade and aid aimed at creating “free enterprise,” which is the only way to lift people into a better level of well-being. Augustio Fonyevecchia – Forbes – Click To Read Here…

Much has been made of Romney’s  lack of foreign policy experience. This is Romney’s foreign policy debut at the Clinton Global Initiative, which happens to coincide with the opening of the UN extravaganza in New York. ( If you think these dates are happenstance think again.)

The Wall Street Journal has published an advance copy of Romney’s speech, interpreted by Bret  Stephens under his op-ed. It’s quite good and if you have an interest, sign up for the 4 weeks free or send us your email and we pony up 6 weeks of the WSJ at no cost to you.

You can find the full Text of Romney’s Clinton Global Initiative speech here.DSMW