Moments of Normalcy

Hi everyone and welcome to the I’m Totally and Completely Done With The Dumb Rules edition of Laura’s Links. I hinted at this last week when I mentioned how more people are less masked, and how fewer people I encounter have any patience left for The Endless Lockdowns.

As Mark reminded all of us over the past week on The Mark Steyn Show, tyranny is always capricious. The rules will always be malleable and in a constant state of flux and flow to make sure that you are always in the wrong, and that the officials are always in the right. To be free and stay free, you must reject arbitrary rules and the grubby, sinister power-grabbers however you can, and in every capacity possible.

Also, remember that the rules do not apply to those who make them. Not ever – and that’s another reason not to take them seriously. These terrible lockdowns are based on fraudulent models and have fatal consequences. There are more deaths from suicide in California than from the Chinese coronavirus. As Mark also noted (quoting Dr. Rand Paul about Dr. Fauci), what we really need is a little bit of humility from the politicians who have created this mess. Just a little bit of humility. Haha, fat chance!

Anyway, in the spirit of “I’m Done”, I’m happy to report that I walked the walk and am not just talking the talk. I made sure to fill my week with previously forbidden delicacies: my first coffee purchased and not made by myself since March (which was absolutely delicious); a long walk in the sunshine with forbidden family (no hugs as I do have high risk people in my life); and, a frozen yogurt from the local ice cream store. It made me so happy. Almost as happy as this little guy (more about him down below in Human Grace).

Many more previously – and tyrannically – capriciously and verboten things are planned for the coming week, my friends, and I would urge each and every one of you to each consider the degree to which you can consciously and purposely reject tyranny, even if just by baby steps each day.

Also, following up on my rant last week about masks, here’s another thought about masks for your consideration: are they the ultimate anti-Trump accessory?

From deep within his New Hampshire lockdown site, Mark created another veritable audio treasure trove over the past week. There was first Hold the Mayo, and then a rare treat: amazing full audio recaps of his guest-hosting sessions on The Rush Limbaugh show last week; see With A Song In My Heart (But Nowhere Else) and The Woman Show Saved An Innocent Man. More episodes of The Mark Steyn Show followed; Crazy Like A Loon, Temples of Doom, including a special Memorial Day show The Swallows Skim and All Is Hushed and a Song of the Week paying tribute to the great Peggy Lee.

If you have any stories of freedom and moments of normalcy and joy that you would like to share, do drop us a note in the comments.

Now let’s take a look back at the week that was.


North America:

A great piece from Tablet Magazine: the origins of “Russiagate” lay within Obama’s Iran deal.

Can we call this treason?

Seen in Toronto. This and this.

The Mayor of New York is a real Jew-hater.

Blue state governors keep moving the goalposts.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis schools the media on his state and the WuFlu.


Joe Biden needs to be put out to pasture. Mainstream media are rather mute on his “y’all ain’t black” comment.


Murderous Barbarian Chinese Communist Wuhan Coronavirus:

Some good news.

Some bad news.

Some terrible news.

Barber scores victory in Michigan. Losing loser Whitmer loses again. Is it just me or does she have Crazy Eyes?

How (Democratic) states turned nursing homes into slaughterhouses by forcing them to admit discharged Kung Flu patients.

We could legitimately call this genocide or maybe seniorcide? Shame on both of the Cuomorona brothers.

More Kung Flu hysteria here.

Just following orders in British Columbia and (as per Mark’s own reportage) in Ontario. For more complete policy screw ups in Ontario under the tutelage of Doug Ford, see here.

“We are infectious disease experts. It’s time to lift the Covid-19 lockdowns.”

Just say no.


Israel and Jews:

A black day for Palestinian journalism.

You know when there will be peace? When it’s no longer a Palestinian crime to eat with Jews. What a miserable and wretched society. It’s actually a capital offense to sell real estate to Jews. How do you make peace with such a people?



Muslim migrants trash church, use it as a toilet.

Netherlands mosque to citizens objecting about call to prayer: get used to it.

Germany: church used for Ramadan prayers.

Meanwhile in Belgium….Belgian Jewish community: ‘we are being left to our own devices‘.


The Formerly Great Britain:

Frankly, this is nothing to cheer about. What on earth does “group-based offending” mean? Cowards. Britain is very, very sick.

Kung Flu insanity in higher education in Britain.

Please, Prince William, just stop.


Kook and Humourless Left, Trans and Wokestapo:

Nothing to see here. All perfectly innocent and educational.


Human Grace:

Dutch primary school teacher who misses her students knits 23 dolls, resembling each of her students.

Man whose father left the house at age 12 starts a YouTube Channel called “Dad, how do I…” to help kids with no Dad around.

Very nice Twitter thread here from Spencer Klavan: “I didn’t expect to be quite this affected by coming to a state where they don’t wear masks anymore. I nearly teared up just looking the cashier at the gas station in the eye. It’s like waking up from a bad dream.”

Another fun Twitter thread here: “Ruin a band name by changing one letter.

Lastly, the cutest chef on Instagram.

Be well and be rebellious! See you in the comments.

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