Mr. Cain, Can I get refund?

No matter what decision Herman Cain has made and will disclose later today, he has all but lost the race for the presidency. His appeal, apart from his charisma, was that he was the businessman outsider, not a career politician. Yet, here he is, embroiled a sex scandal, the de rigueur of the average politician. Technically it is multiple sex scandals. If the allegations are true, it is disappointing, but they would not be the sole reason Mr. Cain should not be President. No, the inability to realistically asses himself and his judgement, are the reasons he should refund the donations to his campaign and close up shop.

Knowing of the allegations and settlements in his past, he should have been out in front them, rather than reacting like an bewildered and shifty amatuer. Knowing of his unorthodox relationship with Ms. White he should have realized the scrutiny would become more intense. Guilty or not, the man should have better assesed how these issues would affect his viability as a candidate. This leads to several sad conclusions: He either lied (through ommission or overtly) to his advisors. He doesn’t have advisors. Or he didn’t anticipate a problem.

What ever the answer, there can be no denial that he and or his campain severely damaged his credibility with the “crisis management” that was to follow. It was painful to watch. From failing to respond to, who gave the campaign ten days to privately respond, to Mr. Cain’s denials, shifting stories and further revelations, it was a trainwreck that he appeared to be engineering.

Yet the most dellusional aspect of Cain’s run is it’s woeful lack of substance and understanding. A slogan, charisma and an indistinct idea only go so far. 9-9-9 sounds great. “Big government bad.”  “Fewer and less taxes good.” But he has never satifactorly explained it. Not once. If the truth be known, Mr. Cain probably isn’t very sure of the particulars either. Yet he appears to believe in it, however vague it may be. Just as he believes that his attributes qualified him to run for an office he vaguely understands: