Muslim Brotherhood Strongest Faction Fighting In Libya

“The revolution has been orchestrated by the divine. We have to continue on the righteous path. I invite all Libyans to resort to the law to right all that is wrong and not to take law into your own hands. Honesty, patience and reconciliation is what is needed.”- Mustafa Abdul Jail Chairman of the National Transitional Council in an eagerly awaited speech.  Libyans shot off fireworks and paraded on the streets of all major cities including the capital Tripoli and Benghazi through most of Sunday evening.

One of the strongest factions bidding for political power (sold to the western media as an international democratic movement supported by NATO) are the religious military leaders who support the Libyan chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood. These groups led the strongest militias in the revolutions. – DSMW

As a nod to their growing power, Mr. Abdul-Jalil focused a significant part of his speech on religion. He said that the new Libyan legal codes will be based on Islamic law, known as Shariah, and that the newly formed interim government will demand that the country has Shariah-compliant banks and banking laws.