Naming Your Baby And Tracking Your Every Move

According to our always amusing sometimes snarky compatriots over at Gizmodo, the Social Security Administration has just released an app called Baby Name Playroom that just what it names implies; it suggests names that you could give to your newborn. Not only is this creepy on many levels, but we sincerely hope the suggested names are not those of former and current government officials. Recess, P.E. and lunch are hard enough without being named Erskine, Saxby, Newt, Orrin, Barrack, Reince, etc…

But Baby Name Playroom is more than just a name generator. It offers a window into the SSA where you can

Learn how:

– Social Security’s services can help you and your family
– To care for your infant
– How to get health insurance
– How to get information about toy and safety recalls

The look is all touchy feely. The iTunes reviews remark at how soft and personal it feels. It is not what you would expect from a government app. Really?

For years our government has faced an uphill battle when trying to further insert itself into some of our lives. What better way to gather information from and about people than to get them to download an app to a device (iPhone) that tracks user activities locations at all times? Seems far fetched, right?

Congress doesn’t think so. They are very concerned about what Apple and Google might be doing with this information. Yet with as big as our government is and as out of touch as most of our elected officials are, they probably are unaware that certain government agencies are in the app writing business already. They are up in arms now when they think the private sector is spying on the public… How will they respond when they find out that the government has access to the very same tools? Sedition? Yep. There’s an app for that.

How do you get people to give up their freedom? Apparently all you need to do is ask, through the App Store.