Netanyahu addresses Congress as “old friend.”

“Israel is not what is wrong about the Mideast,” Netanyahu told a joint meeting of the two houses of Congress. “Israel is what is right about the mideast.”


Pride in this country comes from usual places and today that moment came, was expressed and shared by Congress and Benjamin Netanyahu.

In a speech before Congress today Israeli’s Prime Minister Netanyahu reminded us that America and Israel have a long shared history. Netanyahu spoke that “Israel has no better friend than America  and America has no better friend than Israel.”  He then went on to say,”we stand together to defend democracy.”  Netanyahu pointed out that there was only one arab population group that lived in a free democracy, and that group was Israel’s small but free arab community.

This was the second speech the Prime Minister made to congress and his remarks were frequently interrupted by standing ovations from the U.S. lawmakers.

“I am deeply moved by this warm welcome,” Netanyahu said as it took more than ten minutes to work his way shaking hands  and speaking to old friends as he made his way through the crowd of well wishers to the lectern.

In listening to Netanyahu’s speech today I was reminded of an earlier picture sent by a friend, of Benjamin Netanyahu and Barrack Obama. Both men are young and appear to be the same age, but their backgrounds could not be more different and their vision for this country and Israel’s is on a collision course. – DSMW