Nothing Suspicious Here at All, Don’t Even Think It

Please join me on Tuesday for an hour of guest-host-level must-see TV, live across America on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, starting at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific – with a rerun for West Coasters at 9pm Pacific.

On Monday’s show the story of the day was the sudden and convenient demise of billionaire paedo Jeffrey Epstein, pal of President Clinton, HRH The Duke of York, Prime Minister Barak, Governor Richardson, Senator Mitchell, etc. More or less everything that could go wrong in the Bureau of Prisons’ “protocol” did go wrong, but don’t worry, that’s completely unsuspicious. Joining me to mull this unlikely turn of events was Dr Marc Siegel. Click below to watch:

After Howie Carr on Biden gaffes and Lisa Boothe on Democrats’ swing-voter outreach, Ashley Byrne joined me to consider proposals for a climate-friendly “meat tax”:

Next up was Ken Cuccinnelli, director of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, to talk about the Trump Administration’s de facto reintroduction of the prohibition on immigrants who become charges on the public purse. The rule was never repealed, but, like so many aspects of immigration law, it somehow fell into disuse:

But, I will say, for the last couple of decades, because of the guidance issued after the 1996 version of this law, it’s been ineffective. And so the rule we issued today, public charge rule, is intended to once again, a meaningful effect to the public charge standard. What that is an ordinary English for people watching, is basically that we try to avoid having immigrants come through our process, come to our country, or become green card holders, who are likely in the future to become welfare dependent. That is what this rule is about.

We’ll link to any more video as it’s posted. You can watch the full show here.

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