NPR’s Juan song

If Juan Williams had been a woman who said she got nervous when she was walking alone at night and saw a man approaching her?  Ask any woman. It is a bias and it is an accepted bias. It would have been a non-issue.

Yet the media browbeat us into believing those of us that have biases against anything, especially Islam, are, if not Neanderthals, evolutionarily challenged. Conversely, the people that burn our flag in their streets, chant death to America and call us the Great Satan are presented with almost no commentary. It is as if there is a tacit understanding that the masses should be excused because they lack sophistication and are akin to noble savages. “They just don’t know any better”. That they just don’t know any better is the problem.

We cannot and should not be expected to just accept the unenlightened for what they are. They certainly do not accept other cultures. Any country where religious leaders have any secular power and that issue death threats against cartoonists should be both mocked and feared.

Islam would have done lost its collective mind had artists depicted Mohammed out of dung or submerged his likeness in urine. The western world got all worked for a bit, then went right back to not giving damn and the artistic hacks in question were not murdered, but disappeared back into obscurity. Christianity did not topple. Western civilization did not fail. All the claims that Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion would go out the window if excrement and Mohammed ever met.

And though we would almost rather watch Al Jazeera than Two and a Half Men, we are lucky we are afforded that choice, no matter what Noah Adams and Linda Wertheimer tell us.