Obama Admits in Times Story He Has grown Government To 70% of GDP for His Voter Base

“Now, one other thing here about this business in the New York Times today with the Obama regime basically admitting that it has no interest in attracting white working voters. The headline to that New York Times story could just as well be: “Obama to White Workers: Drop Dead.” Pure and simple. That would be the headline if it were in the New York Post. The only real surprise here is to hear a liberal and the New York Times just flat-out admit it and talk about it as though it is a timely and brilliant strategy. We’ve known for a long time Obama and the Democrats are pinning their hopes on the underclass and the very rich, the elites. That’s who the Democrat Party hopes to coalesce. And the reason for it is these super rich elites feel guilty as hell about all these poor, nonworking minorities. And they’ll give all kinds of money to Obama and the Democrats to help these people,” Rush Limbaugh said on his nationally syndicated radio program today.

“There’s this egotistical narcissism that runs rampant throughout this group of elites, such as academia, administrators, the professors, the human resource experts, and so forth. But both of those groups of people, if you’ll note, the elites at universities and so forth, and the nonworking, the entitlement class, they’re all dependent on government.  Rush Limbaugh said on his nationally syndicated radio program today.So it’s now official. Click To Read More…

Limbaugh goes on to say Obama is making no apologies for dividing the country in the New York Times article titled “The Future Of The Obama Coalition”- DSMW