Obama and Labor Forcing Boeing Out Of South Carolina

South Carolina is a right to work state. Workers cannot be required to join a union as a condition of employment. Because of this, Boeing chose South Carolina to open a state of the art facility that employes thousands of Boeing workers. Boeing and South Carolina are proud of their accomplishments and the business climate that is flourishing there. But wait. The Labor Relations Board and President Obama are intimidating Boeing to leave South Carolina and build their Dreamliners in Washington State, a union state.

The actions by the NLRB are nothing less than a direct assault on the 22 right-to-work states across America. They are also an unprecedented attack on an iconic American company that is being told by the federal government—which seems to regard its authority as endless—where and how to build airplanes. Nikki Haley, Governor South Carolina

Ms. Haley has more to say;

South Carolina is a right-to-work state, and we’re proud that within our borders workers cannot be required to join a labor union as a condition of employment. We don’t need unions playing middlemen between our companies and our employees. We don’t want them forcefully inserted into our promising business climate. And we will not stand for them intimidating South Carolinians.

The NLRB has intervened and asked the courts to force Boeing to stop production in South Carolina and Obama is silent.

 If you are new to all of this do not miss Atlas Shrugged at a theater near you.