Obama And Labor’s Hostile Run On Boeing

Business leaders and Republican politicians Tuesday accused President Barack Obama of punishing GOP states by trying to block Boeing from opening an aircraft plant in South Carolina.

 The Democratic chairman of a key Senate committee fired back, charging Republicans with launching an “assault on the middle class” by trying to impede enforcement of federal labor laws.

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley, a rising GOP star, said all state leaders should be alarmed by the National Labor Relations Board’s move to compel Boeing to build a second 787 Dreamliner factory at its current manufacturing hub in Everett, Wash. James Rosen – McClatchy Newspapers – Click To Read More…

Given the tight relationship between the President and Labor and their mutual ongoing dealings with Boeing, Obama must be aware of the suit filed by the NLRB in January. By his silence he is condoning the NLRB’s actions.

Arthur C. Brooks in his blockbuster book “The Battle”, published last year, said the coming real battle will be between free enterprise and big government. Even those who have not read Mr. Brooks are becoming painfully aware of this fact.

The state.com is running a little poll that is keeping track of Obama’s condoning  and / or involvement in the NLRB actions. The results are interesting. The revealing fact to me is that we are drawn to participate in a poll like this instinctively knowing that government has become a threat to the American way of doing business. – DSMW