Obama-Care and The Socialist Trap

Laurence Kotlikoff via Bloomberg News points out an interesting fact about universal health care. There are easier ways to go about this thorny issue. Kotikoff writing for the liberal paper points out that Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Israel have a simpler and more workable form of heath-care coverage. One that is already implemented in Medicare Part C. Its simple. Every American young, old, black, white, etc., gets a health care voucher each year to buy basic health care insurance from an insurance company. Vouchers are larger for preexisting conditions. The vouchers cannot in total cost more than 10 percent of the GDP, what we are now spending.

We would financing this system not by raising taxes but by using the tax dollars we are now spending at all levels of government on Medicare and Medicaid. This would combine public health-care finance with private health-care. The private Insurers would contact the doctors and hospitals. We would choose our care not the Government.

As it stands now, the government has created a third payer system which never works to keep cost down and it cannot provide the level of care the insurer could provide for himself.  But, it was never about the level of care. To quote Sen. Clair McCaskill a proponent of Obamacare;

“If we could figure out another way to get people in to the pool without a “you shall” I’m open to looking at It”