Obama Channels Hoffa In Budget Speech

Welcome to the 2012 campaign. If you were expecting democratic bi-partisan leadership from the man that brought you union thugs and mob rule, you can forget it now. In President Obama speech yesterday a hopeful America and a civil GOP waited for Godot. He didn’t show.

After spending two years giving Obama and the Democratic party the benefit of the doubt, the American people have been shown, yet again, that Obama is not interested in the same values and vision for this country that the average American aspires to.

Paul Ryan words yesterday stating that this was a defining moment is going to be perhaps the most memorable statement to come from a flurry of words that included Obama’s challenge to Americans to buck up, pay more and get less.

President Obama, once an appealing candidate, has become a hard, demanding Hoffa like figure intent on bending the will of the people he serves. Leadership has been thrown aside to be substituted now for naked power. Will it work?