Obama Fiddles While Rome Burns

We knew we where in trouble when Obama, in the State of the Union address, discussed our Sputnik moment. Never mind that he has forgotten he dismantled NASA and turned it into a Muslim out reach program.

For our forty-fourth president nothing is truly real. Leadership is an elusive thing and watching him delver his lines Tuesday night was like watching a B movie. Obama didn’t want to be there any more than his audience. When he truly seemed happy and in the moment was when he was walking out the While House door and getting in his limousine.

Wikipedia defines leadership as “ultimately creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.” Unfortunately this concept has been relegated to the back closet for Obama and most of his elected audience. Extraordinary just was not there. It’s gone. Watching him try to gain some footing with panned jokes at the nation’s expense one moment and veiled adolesent treats another was more than the watcher could bare.

When the CBO Office released it’s staggering deficit figures yesterday of $1.5 trillion for 2011, up more than $60 billion from the White House projections last summer, it became apparent that Obama’s State of the Union talk of light rail and education just would not cut it and we knew it as we listened to him. As a nation we need leadership. We need extraordinary.