Obama Losing Jewish Vote

Jewish donors are not happy with the way Obama has been handling Israel. After three trips to muslim countries, it’s hard to blame the usually ardent Jewish Democrat voters. It’s hard to say how widespread the discontent is, but the fundraising just is’t there compared to 2008.

Then there’s the Netanyahu problem. After Obama left Mr. Netanyahu waiting in the White House for hours and then left another Netanyahu meeting early, the Jewish community is feeling, that perhaps, the president does not have their best interest at heart. The incident left a lasting impression with the Jewish community.

“It was a snub” said former New York Mayor Ed Koch. Mr. Koch was active in the 2008 Obama campaign. “My feeling was that the president was hostile to Israel.”

Some of Mr. Obama’s Jewish supporters hope he will visit Israel as a symbolic gesture of the U.S.-Israel alliance. In 2008 78% of the Jewish voters voted for Mr. Obama and the president is counting on their vote again.