Obama’s Plans For Big Government Are Over

 Just hours before the State of the Union address last night the Republican-controlled House passed a resolution  calling for drastic and immediate cuts in domestic spending. The vote was 265-165 with seventeen Democrats voting for the measure.

“Business as usual has to come to an end,” said House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan R., Wis., who has emerged as the GOP’s leading spokesman on fiscal issues. “The days of getting spending under control are just beginning.”

As Obama spoke of his vision for a larger government and joked about being groped by TSA agents, the political ground was falling away under his administration. The Republican government cutting resolution called for rolling back spending on domestic, nonsecurity-related programs to 2008 levels or lower. That could cut spending by as much as $100 billion from Mr. Obama’s request for the current fiscal year and more than his State of the Union vision anticipated.