OK Christine, the rope is long enough

As we were saying… We need better candidates. We know that we should be towing the party line and not bad mouthing our cousins in the Tea Party. We both agree on fiscal issues and shrinking the size of government. Things start to diverge from there.

When they put forth Christine O’Donnell, we thought: “OK, an east coast Sarah Jr., we’re cool with that”. Then she start speaking. Then the videos began to surface. And we then thought: “They’re trying to punk us, right?”. See here, here and here. Then there are the allegations about her misusing campaign funds and defaulting on her mortgage.

Now this. It is bad enough that she will not defend or explain her views, that appears to be the new normal. But to not know what is contained in and meant by the First Amendment of the Constitution?! Shouldn’t a candidate from the political party that identifies itself as strict constitutionalists, at least know what the First Amendment states?  

Heaven to Betsy! We’re not expecting her to know all twenty-seven, just the good ones.

Also, shouldn’t someone who touts receiving her Constitutional credentials from The Claremont Institute also disclose that it was only a week long course.

Just so you know the Twenty-first Amendment is our fave. Bottoms up!

We replaced the full video with the excellent summation by Anderson Cooper above.