Osama Bin Laden, Weak Horse

American power held steady in the Islamic world. We did not cede that vast region to the jihadists and their enablers. We were not brilliant in every campaign. We did not fully know our enemies and their cunning. We were not always at home in the tricks of the dictators and the hustlers in that vast arc of trouble in the Greater Middle East, but we held the line when it truly mattered. Fouad Ajami in the Wall Street Journal referring to the freedoms the U.S. brought to Iraq.

History and technology have overwhelmed the world of the Jihadist. In places like Egypt, Libya and Syria, young people have identified the enemy in the poverty and economic failure around them and it is not the “Far Enemy” but lives instead in the personal loss of freedom a Facebook page can bring. Perhaps, as Ajami says, “it is a risky thing to say, but Arabs appear to have wearied of violence.”