Petraeus & CentCom SexJets?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this site, our world headquarters is located in South Tampa. Geographically South Tampa is Tampa, only five miles or so from downtown, but for all purposes, it’s an eclave all on its own. Footage of Jill Kelley leaving her Bayshore home in her Mercedes paints a pretty good picture of what we’re about down here.

But we digress…

DSMW is just a stone’s throw from the gates of MacDill AFB, home of CENTCOM. MacDill is also home to the 310th Airlift Squadron. That particular squadron operates several C-37 aircraft. The military has so many wonderful toys… You might recognize the C-37 by its civilian name which is Gulfstream V, or, G-V (G5).

The 310th Airlift’s mission:

Provide Safe, Comfortable, and Reliable Worldwide Airlift for our Nation’s CONUS Based Unified Combatant Commanders

“Comfortable” indeed. Not to pull a Burgundy, but we’ve personally been aboard one of these C-37s, quite possibly the one pictured. It’s nice. Really nice. Nice enough that Marc Cuban paid $40 million for his.


Don’t let General Petraeus’ olive drab fatigues give you the wrong impression. Every detail in that picture is Executive Class. Unofficially, people involved with the program like to say they “provide Five Star Service to the Four Stars”. And they mean it. Full dinner service; no bags of peanuts here.

Multiply this scene many times over. Four star generals traveling the world, with or without their mistresses, aboard tax payer funded luxury jets. General Jon Allen certainly travels this way, as do other top ranking brass. Nice, huh?

Now, as to when General Petraeus and Paula Broadwell actually started their affair, we don’t know. Taking The General at his word, he says it was not until after he left MacDill. But look at the picture of him and Ms. Broadwell. They look really happy. Honeymoon happy. If you were going to romance the pants off of someone, a jet favored by billionaires would be THE place to do it. Joining the Mile High Club in a Southwest Airlines bathroom is just so…. civilian.

In this current environment of who built what and with whose help, it’s nice to see our military honchos being treated so well. It is also nice to see that no one is worried about the appearance of impropriety or excess.

That being said, we don’t mean to impugn the rank and file that serve or travel aboard these sweet rides. Not everyone gets Petraeus perks. We spoke with one sergeant who caught a ride back to MacDill on one these flights. He opted not to spring for the $10 ham sandwich available for purchase. We don’t blame him.

Finally, lest you believe we are behind the curve, last we heard the Brass was clamoring for the G550. Hey, why stop there, when all the cool kids are getting the next thing:


UPDATE: Our friend, Pundette has a little more info on Mrs. Kelley